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  1. About BrowZine 

    1. BrowZine Privacy Policy
    2. What publishers do you support?
    3. BrowZine for iPad FAQ
    4. BrowZine for Android Tablet FAQ
    5. How is the BrowZine Taxonomy Created?
  2. Authentication and Proxy Support 

    1. Publisher EZProxy Definitions
    2. EZProxy Configuration Instructions
    3. How does authentication work with BrowZine?
    4. Shibboleth FAQ
    5. Does BrowZine support VPN?
  3. BrowZine Pairing Service 

    1. Overview of the BrowZine Pairing Service
  4. Export Services 

    1. How to send articles to DropBox or
    2. RefWorks and BrowZine
    3. Why is Endnote not available as an export option?
  5. Getting Started 

    1. Getting Started with your Trial / Subscription
    2. How do I download BrowZine?
    3. Do I need an Apple ID to download BrowZine from the iTunes Store?
    4. I don't see my library?
  6. Troubleshooting 

    1. "No articles were found for this issue" Error
    2. Performing a "Cold Start" of BrowZine on iPad
    3. Performing a "Cold Start" of BrowZine on Android
    4. Problems with the BrowZine Marketing Widget
  7. Uploading Holdings to BrowZine 

    1. How to use your SFX holdings with BrowZine
    2. How to use your Alma holdings with BrowZine
    3. How to use your Serials Solutions holdings with BrowZine
    4. How to use your Journal Finder holdings with BrowZine
    5. How to use your EBSCO A-Z holdings with BrowZine
  8. All articles 

    1. "Home Grown" A-Z system or no system at all!
    2. "No articles were found for this issue" Error
    3. BrowZine for Android Tablet FAQ
    4. BrowZine for iPad FAQ
    5. BrowZine Privacy Policy

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