Publisher EZProxy Definitions and Common Issues

Because BrowZine achieves speed by utilizing article-level linking, when coming from off-campus this means that some proxy servers may have difficulty because they are not configured for such a linking scheme.  This is most prevalent with publishers who utilize unique subdomains for EACH title.  To help more quickly setup your proxy server to work with these publishers, we will be maintaining complete EZProxy definitions for these publishers as the need arises.  The below files will be updated regularly.

SAGE EZProxy Definitions (Updated December 2016)

Oxford EZProxy Definitions and New 2017 Platform

HighWire Platform EZ Proxy Definitions

Some other major domains that we've noticed schools may not have in their definitions include:

Please ensure these are added to your proxy server before starting your BrowZine trial/subscription.

Finally, for additional support with OCLC Database Definitions, please see OCLC's helpful guide here of common database proxy definitions.

Project MUSE
Finally, if you are a subscriber of Project MUSE, please also be sure to make sure that you have the latest recommended EZProxy definitions for Project MUSE and to ensure on your admin site that you are setup for "IP Authentication" rather than Shibboleth.  As BrowZine is interacting with your proxy, we have found that in particular OpenURL requests that resolve to Project MUSE can exhibit erratic behavior if your systems are not configured in this way.  If you are currently setup for Shibboleth on their site, please contact technical support at Project MUSE to have this corrected.

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