BrowZine and OpenAthens Overview

BrowZine offers several integration points with OpenAthens and requires a few special notes about setup which are covered here.

  1. BrowZine requires the use of your Redirector URL for setup or to request a trial.  You can find information about finding that URL with this support article here.
  2. BrowZine with OpenAthens also requires that you provide your ProQuest Customer ID at the time of setting up your trial/subscription.  You'll find a space for that information in the setup form.  If you don't utilize any ProQuest resources, you do not need to complete this item.  Need help finding your ProQuest ID?  Please see this article for assistance.
  3. BrowZine does *NOT* require that you create a resource instead of OpenAthens to access the service.  BrowZine itself does not require authentication, so you need only link to it using the BrowZine library-specific link provided to by our support team.  No setup inside of OpenAthens is required!  However, some libraries like to provide a link inside of the MyAthens portal to BrowZine.  You can do this by creating a custom resource and utilizing the BrowZine library-specific link.  This link requires no authentication.
  4. You can also create a search widget into BrowZine using our external search API.  We have provided specific instructions for OpenAthens users here for your convenience.
Any other questions about using BrowZine with OpenAthens?  Feel free to contact support at any time!

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