Performing a "Cold Start" of BrowZine on Android

If you run into trouble, and things seem a bit "off," one common fix is to perform a "cold start." 

A cold start forces certain settings within the app to reset, potentially helping to alleviate the problem.  This should not be necessary under normal circumstances, but if you contact support about your issue, they may advise you to do this.  It's very simple, takes just a few moments, and can be useful when dealing with other misbehaving Android apps, too.

However, because of the wide variety of Android device manufacturer's and their customizations of the operating system, the method by which you do this can vary from device, to device.  Below are instructions for three common devices but many other devices will likely follow something SIMILAR to at least one of these instruction sets.

Google Nexus

1. Tap on the icon in the lower right hand corner of the screens which looks like two overlaid squares to bring up the multitasking window (see screenshot below).  You will see BrowZine appear along with other apps "running" in the background.  Simply swipe BrowZine off to the right with your finger and it will leave this menu.  Find BrowZine again on your device and tap to re-launch.

Samsung Galaxy

1. Find the Settings app on your device.  Tap this and then in the left-hand column, locate the Application manager section as shown in the image below.

2. Find BrowZine in the list of running applications and tap on this to reveal the details.  As shown in the picture below, select "Force Stop".  Do *NOT* push any other of these buttons as you may risk data loss by doing so!

3. After you push force stop the device may indicate that this may cause errors if you force stop the app.  Tap "OK".  (This will not harm your data).
4. Relaunch BrowZine from your device.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the options menu.  From here, select "more" as shown below.

2. From here there are several sub-menus.  Start with selecting "Applications" as shown below and then after this find "Installed Applications" and then finally, select BrowZine from those applications you have installed.

3. From the Application Details screen, select "Force Stop" as shown in the screenshot below.  Do NOT select any other options here as you may lose your data by doing so.  The device will warn you that this may cause errors to the app, but tap "OK". (This will not harm your data).

4. Relaunch BrowZine from your device.

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