BrowZine Privacy Policy

We appreciate the need for a clear statement on end-user privacy, here are our principles on how we ensure it for BrowZine users.

User data will never be shared or sold. Ever.  BrowZine is a subscription service and the funds we receive from libraries pay our bills. To provide usage statistics and other analytics back to libraries, we do collect anonymous data about how users interact with BrowZine. However, we will not share any personally identifiable user information to any third party for purposes such as selling in-app advertisements. Libraries and their users are our customers, not our products.

Credentials are secure.  The credentials that end users enter are encrypted and stored on their personal devices using security features such as the Apple Keychain or AES 128 encryption. Third Iron servers do not store these credentials.

No spam. Users will sometimes contact us with questions or comments. We will send emails to users in response to these inquiries. We will also occasionally send notifications to make users aware of new content additions and feature enhancements.  Users may elect to unsubscribe from these types of updates at any time.

BrowZine Accounts. The optional BrowZine Account is used only for us to store your personal configuration of BrowZine securely on our servers so that things like My Bookshelf may be accessed on any device at any time and requires the use of user's personal email account.  For maximum reliability, these calculations are done on our cloud-hosted servers and not on an individual device or browser.  Having a unique email and password allows you to access this data easily and see the same data on every device.

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