RefWorks and BrowZine (iOS & Android)

I don't see RefWorks as an export option in BrowZine.  How do I get this added?

RefWorks is a subscription service so is disabled by default but can be added by the library.  Please make the request to add this service through your sales person and the Third Iron team will add this service quickly to your account.

I see RefWorks in the BrowZine app but not on the web version.  Why is it missing?

RefWorks does not support the uploading of PDF attachments through their API, so we are unable to automatically export an article from BrowZine's website. As an alternative, you should be able to export a .RIS file from which can be imported into RefWorks manually.

Do you support Refworks 2 and Refworks 3?
In 2016, ProQuest migrated users of ProQuest Flow to the "New Refworks" also known as Refworks 3.  You can identify if this is the system you use because the URL to access the system is different:

Refworks 2:

Refworks 3:

BrowZine currently only supports Refworks 2 users.  ProQuest has not yet released an API for Refworks 3 users at this time, so libraries who upgrade to Refworks 3 will lose the ability for their users to export citations to the Refworks service.  We are optimistic that ProQuest will be releasing an API for Refworks 3 at which point we will work to restore this capability for Refworks users.

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