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Does BrowZine work with OpenAthens?

In order to work with OpenAthens, BrowZine requires access to resources via the OpenAthens proxy service. Existing customers may have access to resources only setup via the OpenAthens enabled route so some account modification may be necessary.  It is necessary to inform vendors that you wish to use the OpenAthens proxy IP address in addition to any local IP addresses plus the OpenAthens subscriber identities. It is also necessary for you to add the proxied version of the resource into their OpenAthens permission sets  This is an OpenAthens feature that is used to grant access to resources to categories of their users.

We are seeing a screen in BrowZine indicating that we "do not have access" to a resource according to OpenAthens, but I'm sure we do.  What does this mean?

The error message saying  you do not have access’ is likely because the proxied resource is not in the appropriate permission set and this is required to use this resource with BrowZine.  The steps needed for an OpenAthens administrator to set this up are:
  1. Log in to the OpenAthens admin area
  2. Click on the 'Resources' button
  3. Go to the 'All' tab
  4. Search for the resource
  5. Click 'Allocate' to add the resource to your chosen permission set(s) OR click on the drop-down button and click 'Cascade' to add the resource to the default permission set beneath each sub-organization

If you have any problems or questions about this process, please contact the OpenAthens Service Desk by email: .

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