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Miscellaneous Open Access LWW/Ovid Titles

Please add the following LWW/Ovid Titles to your service. They're all Open Access.
ACG Case Reports Journal: 2326-3253
Chinese Medical Journal: 0366-6999
Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology: 2155-384X
Environmental Epidemiology: 2474-7882
European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy: 2032-7072
Global Reproductive Health: 2473-3709
Healthy Aging Research: 2261-7434
HemaSphere: 2572-9241
IJS Global Health: 2576-3342
IJS Oncology: 2471-3864
IJS Short Reports: 2468-7332
Itch: 2380-5048
JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews: 2474-7661
Journal of Bio-X Research: 2577-3585
Journal of Pancreatology: 2577-3577
OTA International: 2574-2167
PAIN Reports: 2471-2531
Pediatric Quality and Safety: 2472-0054
Porto Biomedical Journal: 2444-8664
Progress in Preventive Medicine: 2473-294X
Transplantation Direct: 2373-8731

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Good news! We’ve added the following 18 titles to our service:

ACG Case Reports Journal
Chinese Medical Journal
Environmental Epidemiology
European Journal of Oncology Pharmacy
Global Reproductive Health
IJS Oncology
IJS Short Reports
JAAOS: Global Research and Reviews
Journal of Bio-X Research
Journal of Pancreatology
OTA International
PAIN Reports
Pediatric Quality and Safety
Porto Biomedical Journal
Progress in Preventive Medicine
Transplantation Direct

They should begin appearing in libraries shortly.

Clinical and Translational Gastroenterology is already an active title in BrowZine and should appear for any library which lists coverage for it.

Healthy Aging Research has transferred to a different publisher which does not meet our technical requirements.

IJS Global Health does not appear to be registering DOIs or metadata, but we will contact them in the event this was an oversight as nearly all LWW titles do.

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