BrowZine API Functionality

The below information is a quick overview of the BrowZine API.  For full documentation, please see our Technical Documentation Site here.

BrowZine offers libraries the ability to not only use BrowZine as their Journal Engagement Service by directly linking users to but also by producing a Linking API to allow users to search BrowZine from an external system.

This Restful API suite allows for robust integrations to enable dynamic linking deep into BrowZine from other library systems including Discovery Systems, Catalogs, Bento Box systems and more. 

BrowZine Journal Availability API

Request: ISSN of Journal and BrowZine Library ID

Response: If a match, a JSON payload containing:
  • Title of the journal
  • Path to the current issue of the journal
  • Path to the journal cover image
  • SJR value (SciMago Journal Rank)
  • Name and links to all subject categories assigned to that journal in BrowZine
This can then be used to provide quick and dynamic linking directly to the tables of contents to journals from other library systems and ONLY present this linking capability when its assured that the journal is one of the tens of thousands of titles covered by BrowZine. 

BrowZine Search Results API

Request: The free text query from the user and the BrowZine Library ID

Response: A JSON payload containing:
  • An array of matching journal titles just as if the search was conducted DIRECTLY in BrowZine
  • Path to the journal (including externally linked titles)
  • Cover image paths for each journal
  • Each journal's SJR value
  • Resulting subject matches for the query
  • Indication if the title is within BrowZine or linked externally
This API is well suited for "Bento Box" style pages popular in libraries that are API driven.  Using BrowZine results in a dynamic image-filled return which then presents in one click a consistent browsing experience of that journal as opposed to the myriad of additional clicks and inconsistent resulting interfaces using other techniques.

DOI Lookup Endpoint for Article in Context Linking 

Request: The DOI of an article and the BrowZine Library ID

Response: If a match, a JSON payload containing:
  • Name of the journal
  • Path to the cover image
  • Path to the specific issue that the article is in including specific syntax which will result in the article in question being highlighted for the user
This API will allow a library to provide a unique "See this article in context" view of an article.  Many journals have a very specific scope meaning that finding one article from a journal in a discovery layer and then being able to browse the source issue in one click may result in additional serendipitous discoveries for the user.

Getting Started with BrowZine APIs

To get started, simply contact our support desk at and request an API Key and the API Documentation.  Our staff will reply back with all the information you need to get started.

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