How To Include Print Titles In BrowZine (Web Only)

In order to have print titles show up on, you must have the Journal Expansion feature enabled. You may learn more about that here:

If you are not sure if this is enabled for your library, or if you would like to request to have it activated, please send an email request to

Once this service is activated, you must then ensure your holdings report contains print titles. We will be including system-specific instructions for including print titles as they become available. If you do not see your system listed below then please contact your holdings system provider or email for further assistance.

Serials Solutions:

ExLibris support has outlined two requirements for ensuring print titles appear in your BrowZine/Serials Solutions holdings report, one pertaining to all Serials Solutions customers and one pertaining only to those libraries with automated holdings enabled between Serials Solutions and BrowZine.

All Subscribers:

The client needs to create a custom database and populate it with titles (we refer to these as “Library Specific Holdings” databases):

The client can name these databases anything they like and the name will appear under the Resource column of the BrowZine holdings reports.

If the client has questions about these Library Specific Holdings databases we can certainly help, but I would recommend that they contact us by submitting a case through the Ex Libris Support Portal ( rather than through BrowZine Support. Our clients are responsible for creating and maintaining their Library Specific

Holdings titles, so if there is some information that needs to be present in the titles for them to be used by BrowZine (e.g. ISSN) they will need to add this information to the titles (we can assist with this process if they provide us with the necessary information).

Automatic Holdings Subscribers Only:

Please also make sure you have checked the option "Display In: 360 Core" in your Client Center profile for all titles/publishers. This option MUST be checked, otherwise those titles will not export with your automated BrowZine holdings reports.

If the client has any questions or needs assistance in this process, please have them submit a support ticket through their Client Center.

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