Getting Started with your Trial / Subscription (iOS, Android & Web)

Thank you for requesting a trial to BrowZine!

To get started* please follow these few short steps:

  1. On the web, simply go to to find your institution and get started.  Its that simple!
  1. Download BrowZine by simply going to the app store on your iPad and searching for 'browzine'.  Its a free download!
  2. Next, find your institution in the list.  If you know a trial should be active, but you cannot see your institution listed, please contact us.
  3. If you are using a proxy, you will be prompted to put in your authentication credentials.  These are the same credentials you would use to access library materials from off-campus via your proxy server.  Otherwise, you will be provided instructions to login to your VPN system, pair with the BrowZine Pairing Service or whatever custom instructions are needed for your institution.
  4. Next, BrowZine will take a few moments to set up your library for initial use by synchronizing your holdings with our server.  That's it - you're done!

*Important: If you already are running the Open Access Publishers Only version of  BrowZine, you will need to first logout of your current library to get into your new trial library.  To do this, select "Settings" at the bottom of the screen and then in the Settings panel, choose "Logout" from the top right hand corner.  This will put you back at the list of institutions.  Proceed from Step 2 above.

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