OCLC WorldCat (Automatic Sync and Manual Upload)

Automatic Sync

Third Iron and OCLC work together to automatically sync holdings for our mutual customers.  

To get started, please do the following:

1. In the WorldShare interface, click the Metadata tab.

2. In the left navigation, click Collection Manager.

3. Click Settings in the Collection Manager submenu

4. Click on "Proxy and Authentication”

5. Select the “Download Authentication” tab. You will be provided with the KBART txt file location, as well as choose whether to limit download access by IP range.

6. Please send an email to support@thirdiron.com explaining you are setting up OCLC automated holdings. You will need to provide the KBART file location url. If you choose to limit Download Access by IP then please also request the IP address for our Third Iron servers.

7. Next, within about 10 days, Third Iron will have automated access to your holdings files. We will confirm once the initial file has been pulled and processed. From there forward, the file will be pulled and processed automatically on a monthly basis.

Manual Upload

For OCLC, the procedure is simply to navigate in the admin panel in your Worldcat Knowledge base or WorldShare Management Services Interface as shown in the steps and screenshot below.

1. Go to Settings

2. Click on Metadata

3. Click on My Files and choose Downloads

4. Choose KBART

5. Click on Download

6. Save Text File

Please ZIP the file to reduce its size.  As these are text files they tend to shrink pretty dramatically with compression easily clearing the 30MB maximum upload file size.

When finished, please visit the holdings upload page to upload your holdings document to us.  

We will notify you when your holdings have been loaded for your library.

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