Determining your ProQuest ID

To locate your ProQuest ID, please follow these steps:
  1. Go to
  2. Look up the name of your institution in the "Connect through your library or institution" section at the top of the page by using the Institution search box.
  3. Once you locate the name of your institution in the results list, locate the “Log In” link to the right of your institution name.
  4. Desktop/Laptop users:
    If you are a desktop or laptop, hover your mouse over the "Log In" link. You will see the ID number in the destination URL, at the very end. Send that by email to If you have any trouble with this, use the mobile instructions below.

    Mobile users:
    If you are on a mobile device (or have trouble locating the ID by hovering with you mouse), then click on the Log In link to load the login page. Copy the URL of the login page that appears in the browser address bar and paste it into an email to

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