Alma Publishing Profile (Fully Automated, Multicampus and Consortia)

Note: These instructions are for Consortia and Multicampus ALMA systems only, for institutions that use holdings from the NZ (Network Zone). If you are an individual institution please follow the instructions here instead.

The Publishing Profile method of updating holdings in Third Iron services including BrowZine and LibKey offers fully automated synchronization of holdings data and is the preferred method of providing your holdings data to us.

These instructions assume some basic knowledge of Alma administration - logging in, creating content sets, navigating the menus and so forth and are therefore meant as guidance. If any of the instructions are unclear feel free to contact us for help in setting this up and we would be happy to assist!

Please also ensure you have configured your OAI integration profile in ALMA before attempting to setup a publishing profile.

** IMPORTANT ** Consortia  ALMA systems must perform these instructions from within the Network Zone, not the Institution Zone in order for all holdings to be included.

We also need to confirm whether the presentation of dates in Primo is in ENGLISH. Specifically, we need to know whether the following pattern for describing different types of holdings dates are the default for English in Primo/Alma:
  • Available from 1997. Most recent 1 year(s) 6 month(s) not available.
  • Available from 2010 until 2015.
  • Available from 2013.
  • Available from 2013 volume: 23 issue: 1.
If the holdings dates used in Primo are not in English and/or do not match the format examples above, we may need to use an alternate delivery method. In that case, please contact us at for more information.

Please follow these steps to setup the BrowZine Publishing Profile:

1) Navigate to the Publishing Profiles menu in Alma by going into the Resources area in the header and then choosing: Publishing > Publishing Profiles

2) Switch to the Community tab and look for BROWZINE EXPORT.  Use the actions menu [...] to COPY* this publishing profile to your institution. This step and most of the others will need to be repeated for as many sub-institutions/campuses, etc. as needed.  Each of these institutions will have a slightly different configuration as noted in the instructions below. 

It's important that you copy the BROWZINE EXPORT profile, as this was specially developed to meet our unique data requirements. The data will only be shared with BrowZine and no other institution.

* To COPY a publishing profile, your user account must have one of the following roles:
  • Purchasing Operator
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Repository Administrator
  • Catalog Administrator
  • General System Administrator

3) Edit this newly copied publishing profile. Most of the settings brought over from this community profile will work for most libraries but there are a few elements that require customization which are:

- Publishing Parameters: This should be set to ACTIVE.
- Scheduling: Set to one of the Saturday morning options (such as "Every Saturday at 7 AM")
- Publishing Mode: Incremental (Optional: only set if this feature is available in your instance)

Set Name - Click to select. Either select the Set you have previously created for BrowZine or create a new set which captures the electronic portfolios of the specific institution appropriate to the publishing profile.  Below is an example where we are using the sample "Morris Campus" to instruct Alma to only include folios available at the "Morris Campus".

"Electronic Titles where All titles (Material Type equals "Journal") AND Available for equals "Morris Campus")"

For more information on creating Sets, please refer to our ALMA publishing profile FAQ.

Filter Records: Do not modify this.

OAI: Check box (if not already checked)
Set Spec: MorrisCampus
Set Name: BrowZine

You will want to create a UNIQUE Set Spec name for each Institution and change the default value (BrowZine) to the unique name.  Here I used the example MorrisCampus.  Leave Set Name to “BrowZine”.

4) Multicampus Only (Consortia Alma systems do not need this step and can skip to step #5): Click over to the Data Enrichment tab at the top of the screen.

Correct the data normalization rules to REMOVE all non-relevant campus information other than the campus that this profile is being built for.  Again, in this example I'll use "Morris" as an example:

Edit the "BROWZINE - EXPORT ONLY" normalization rule on the MD Editor page (you may wish to open a separate tab so that you don't have to leave the Publishing Profile editor).

  1. Go to: Resources > Cataloging > Open Metadata Editor
  2. Select the Rules tab and expand the Normalization rules folder
  3. Enter "BrowZine" into the filter box to narrow down the results list
  4. Click on the "BrowZine - Export Only" rule and then select Edit
  5. Make the edits below and Save them 

Edits - add the following, customizing for your institution:

addSubField "ITM.x.Electronic" if (exists "ITM.b.Morris")

removeSubField "ITM.b"

changeField "ITM" to "TMP" if (not exists "ITM.i.Print")

removeField "TMP" if (not exists "TMP.x.Electronic")

changeField "TMP" to "ITM"

(Note again, that "Morris" here is an example - please edit as appropriate for your institution).

Click *SAVE* at the top of the Publishing Profile Details screen to save the changes you made.

5) Open Alma Configuration to setup/locate OAI information.

6) Select General -> External Systems -> Integration Profiles

7) Choose "OAI_DEFINITION" and select the [...] button to EDIT.

- Make repository ACTIVE if not already so.

Make a note of the repository Base URL provided on this screen. In my example above it is this:

You will need this value to complete the form in step #8 below.

8) Click the “Allowed IPs” Link. You'll need to authorize the Third Iron holdings server IP. If you need the IP, please contact 

For IP version, select IPv4. In the description field, enter "Third Iron IP." 

9) Optional: Run the publishing profile manually now. If you do not complete this step, we will not be able to test and finish the setup until the beginning of next week, as the publishing profile will not automatically run until Saturday as scheduled. The instructions run the publishing profile manually may be found here:

10) REQUIRED - IMPORTANT: Fill out the form available here: with the necessary information to register your publishing profile.

This form provides us with the necessary details to connect the publishing profile to your BrowZine account. Once we receive the form, we will complete testing on our end to ensure the profile is setup properly and yielding accurate results. Once testing is complete, we will activate the automated updates and send you a confirmation message. This process can take up to a week (especially in cases where the Set was not manually triggered in step 9 above).

Any questions? Check out our Publishing Profile FAQ, or contact us with your questions.

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