How to add LibKey Link to several popular databases

LibKey Link can be used anywhere you are currently using your Link Resolver to connect users from results in a database to the full text collections of your library.  This guide below is designed to save you time by pointing out the method to update your link resolver base URL tin several popular services you may be using already at your library.

In all examples below you will want to have your LibKey Link fully configured first by filling out this form.  Once configured and tested, the Third Iron Ops team will get back to you with your LibKey Link for all databases.  This link will appear in two forms:

LibKey Link OpenURL format (for all databases except for PubMed):{LibraryID}/openurl
And a PubMed specific link syntax:{LibraryID}/pmid/

Google Scholar is most popularly populated by your link resolver vendor.  Here are instructions on how to update this in many popular systems.  Because Google Scholar refreshes itself only periodically, please allow 7-10 days for changes you make to be reflected in Google Scholar.  

Per these linked instructions, this is handled via a Publishing Profile.  A configurable element in this process is the “OpenURL base” which is where your LibKey Link will be placed.

Changing the base URL requires re-registering SFX with Google Scholar per these linked instructions. This function is available within the SFX Admin Tool.

360 Link
Follow the instructions in this guide to navigate to the registration form and provide your new LibKey Link base URL.

Email EBSCO customer support to request they update the URL used in Google Scholar for your institution.

TDNET / OVID Discovery
Contact TDNet Support for assistance to inquire about options to use LibKey Link in Google Scholar via their support page here.

Update the Base URL in the Google Scholar settings tab as shown in this guide.

Modifying the link resolver settings for Scopus are done through the Elsevier Admin tool.  Per the guide seen at this link, page 7 outlines how to setup linking to a link resolver with a field to configure the Base URL of your link resolver. 

 Per their support page you can view here, setting up openURL linking in Web of Science is done via an email to their support desk.   The email address to contact is

In PubMed your Link Resolver is configured using the LinkOut Library Submission Utility.  Login with your institutional account and edit your Outside Tool Base URL there.

Remember to use the PubMed-Specific LibKey Link which has a syntax like this:{LibraryID}/pmid/

You can add a LibKey Link to your EBSCOhost databases by way of the Custom Links feature.  You should not have to use any of the "advanced features" when using LibKey Link mentioned in the linked support article.

You can add a LibKey Link to your ProQuest databases by simply changing the base URL used in setting up your link resolver in the ProQuest Admin.

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