LibKey Nomad Group Policy Deployment (Chrome)

Step 1: Download the Google Chrome policy template

1. Download the Google Chrome bundle for Windows 64‑bit:

2. Unzip the bundle.
3. Navigate to Configuration\admx\ to find the chrome.admx template for Windows 10; Or navigate to Configuration\adm\en-US\ to find chrome.adm for earlier versions of Windows.
Verify which type you can use on your network. The templates show which registry keys you can set to configure Chrome, and what the acceptable values are. Chrome looks at the values set in these registry keys to determine how to act.

Step 2: Add the ADM or ADMX template you downloaded from Google to Group Policy Management Console

1. Navigate to
A) %SYSTEMROOT%\PolicyDefinitions – For local(pc) policies
B) \\DOMAIN-FQDN\SYSVOL\DOMAIN-FQDN\policies\PolicyDefinitions<file://DOMAIN-FQDN/SYSVOL/DOMAIN-FQDN/policies/PolicyDefinitions> - for central store i.e. domain policies

2. Copy and Paste the adm or admx files accordingly (i.e. the files in the en-US folder get copied to the same folder on the local (pc) store or central (server) store. The files on the root of the downloaded policies get copied on the root of the local or central store also.

Group Policy after adding Chrome template:

Step 3: Enable Nomad to automatically install to Google Chrome

Add the app to your list of force install extensions.
1. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Google > Google Chrome > Extensions
GPO Google Chrome Extensions:

2. Edit the "Configure the list of force-installed apps and extensions" by double-clicking the setting
3. Select "Enabled" on the setting, then click the "Show..." button
3. Add LibKey Nomad to your list of Chrome force install extensions using this value:
Extension/App Ids and Update URLs to be silently installed:

4. Click "Ok"
5. Click "Apply" and then "Ok"

Step 4: Tell Nomad your libraryId so it can be automatically detected

Using Group Policy Management Console (gpmc.msc) or another method, create the following registry key:
The result should resemble the following:
LibKey Nomad Registry Key:

Then create a new "String Value" called "libraryId". This can be done using the command line like this:
reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\3rdparty\extensions\lkoeejijapdihgbegpljiehpnlkadljb\policy" /v libraryId /t REG_SZ /d <ENTER YOUR LIBRARY ID> /f
... but you can also elect to do this manually, via the Group Policy Management Console and so on. Whatever you are most comfortable using!

***Important*** - Please note that "libraryId" has a capital "I" in ID and that this is case sensitive.

The result should resemble the following:
LibKey Nomad libraryId Registry Key:

Please replace the sample instructions "ENTER YOUR LIBRARY ID (e.g. 1234)" with your actual libraryId.
Instructions for the libraryId key:

Congratulations! LibKey Nomad is now managed and configured using Windows Group policy.
Chrome configured with LibKey Nomad using Windows Group Policy:


Alternative Method: Script the deployment of Nomad for easier installation across hundreds or thousands of machines

Another approach is to use one machine to set the GPO's and copy the GroupPolicy folder from “C:\Windows\System32” (GroupPolicy folder is hidden) to a network location.

The below script automated the deployment to add the registry key:

xcopy "<Network location>\GroupPolicy" "c:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy" /e /h /i /y

reg add "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Chrome\3rdparty\extensions\lkoeejijapdihgbegpljiehpnlkadljb\policy" /v libraryId /t REG_SZ /d <ENTER YOUR LIBRARY ID> /f

gpupdate /force

Note: The LibKey Nomad extension icon will be green once the Library Id has been successfully added. If no Library Id, or a non-existent Library Id is added, the extension icon will be gray. Please validate your Library Id is active before distributing the extension to your network.

Note: Additionally, a Library Id configured correctly through group policy will suppress the LibKey Nomad initial library selection page on install.

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