LibKey Link in ProQuest Databases

You can add a LibKey Link to your ProQuest databases by simply adding a new custom link  in the ProQuest Admin.  On the create custom link screen, give the link a name so you can select it as being "on" easily and customize the values provided. Make sure to click the "Enable this custom link" at the top of the screen.

In the URL box, use this template but substitute your own Third Iron Library ID Number:

1{Third Iron Library ID}/openurl?genre=<GENRE>&au=<AUTHOR>&aulast=<AULAST>&issn=<ISSN>&isbn=<ISBN>&title=<TITLE>&jtitle=<JTITLE>&pubname=<PUBNAME>&btitle=<BTITLE>&atitle=<ATITLE>&volume=<VOLUME>&issue=<ISSUE>&spage=<SPAGE>&date=<DATE>&doi=<DOI>&sid=ProQuest

As you can see you can then create a graphic and Text Icon.

We recommend simply using your normal library/link resolver branding and then turning off that link resolver so only one link is present to users in the ProQuest interface. Remember that if LibKey cannot assist it will automatically forward back to your existing link resolver.

You can optionally use our LibKey branded buttons visible here on the main LibKey Link page.

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