Third Iron Usage Statistics

Historically, Google Analytics was used to log usage data.  In 2022, usage data was migrated off Google Analytics and, as of May, usage data is being collected and stored by Third Iron.  Usage statistics are available upon request and at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, annually) upon request.  You may request usage statistics, or sign up for a monthly report, by sending a message to

The below outlines in detail the metrics that are contained in the report, arranged by tab:


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This page provides the name of your institution, the date of the usage reported, and an at-a-glance summary of the usage data.  For libraries receiving automated monthly reports, this Summary section will include a column for data reported “This Month” and data reported “Year to Date.”  If a custom usage report covering a specific date range is requested, only one column of data corresponding to the date range requested will be listed.

Description of Individual Sections

All Third Iron Services Combined
Full Text Downloads: The total number of all Full Text Downloads requested through all Third Iron services, including LibKey Discovery, LibKey Link, LibKey Nomad, and BrowZine.

Researcher Time Saved (in minutes): Standard methods of accessing full text, such as using a link resolver, usually require users to navigate through confusing and time consuming steps:  reading menus, choosing sources, clicking through and waiting for webpages to load, and navigating different vendor sites. Libraries have reported this process can take up to a minute or more! BrowZine and LibKey, with fast, reliable, one-click access to millions of library subscribed and Open Access articles, save researchers an average of 45 seconds each time they download an article. The Researcher Time Saved metric, then, is the sum of full text downloads multiplied by 45 seconds and helps estimate how much time you are saving your researcher community.

Full Text Download Detail
Breakout of the full text downloads as recorded by the Third Iron services LibKey Discovery and API Services, LibKey Link, LibKey Nomad, and BrowZine.  Combined, the total full text downloads across these services will equal the full text downloads reported in the “All Third Iron Services Combined” Summary section.

BrowZine Metrics
My Bookshelf Views (Web) & (Native iOS and Android):  The total number of times a user clicks a journal on his or her My Bookshelf, while using the BrowZine web, iOS or Android application.  This metric is tallied, in either row as appropriate for the platform where it occurred, when a user clicks from My Bookshelf into a particular journal.

Table of Contents Views (Web) & (Native iOS and Android): The total number of times a user views a journal table of contents in BrowZine, either directly from the BrowZine application or when following the “Article in Content/View Complete Issue” link displayed in discovery services, LibKey Nomad, and

My Bookshelf

With BrowZine, users may create their own bookshelves to easily find, follow, and read their favorite journal titles. The numbers reported in My Bookshelf indicate how many times a user has clicked on a journal saved to My Bookshelf in order to view the tables of contents along with the ISSN/EISSN of those titles. Note this data is not a metric of the number of times that journal appears on all user's bookshelves, but instead indicates interactions with that content in the BrowZine environment.

TOC Views

Scanning tables of contents is one of the primary ways researchers report how they stay current with research in their fields. BrowZine reports how many journal tables of contents have been viewed, providing a unique way to understand how users are benefiting from your collection. Both the journal's title and ISSN/EISSN are provided.

Full Text Downloads

This reports how many full text articles downloads were initiated using BrowZine and LibKey and from which journals, along with the ISSN/EISSN for each title. Please note that full text downloads is not a COUNTER metric as Third Iron is not a publisher and does not provide the full text for any journals, but instead links to publisher platforms to download the full text.

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