Alma One-Time Manual Export

Please start with the default and fully-automated OAI Publishing Profile configuration first. Use the instructions below only if the publishing profile is problematic.

We encourage Alma libraries to configure the custom OAI publishing profile wherever possible, as that provides us with a way to automatically update your holdings data without any ongoing effort from the library. However in cases where configuring the publishing profile is problematic, follow the instructions below to export a one-time file manually.

One-Time Export Steps

1. Go to Admin -> Manage Jobs and Sets -> Run a Job

2. Select “Export Electronic Portfolios”

3. Select your defined logical electronic titles set.

* Note that the below illustration is a sample only. This Alma customer created a custom set and named it “eJournals”. If you have not created a similar set, the recommended parameters when defining the set are:

"Electronic Titles where All titles (Material Type equals "Journal")"

4. Configure the export task parameters:

* Physical Format: TXT schema
* Number of records in file: One File
* Export into folder: Private

5. Review and Confirm

6. Once the file is complete (it may take several minutes to fully process), download it to your local drive. Then compress it into a .zip folder and upload here:

We will be alerted once the file is uploaded and will process it, then confirm with you.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Third Iron recommends updating your holdings data on a monthly basis or whenever you have a known significant addition/loss of content to your library to help keep your holdings accurate.

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