BrowZine for Android FAQ

What OS is needed to run BrowZine on Android devices?

The minimum version is 5+.

Will BrowZine for Android run on my device if it supports this operating system requirement?  

Most Likely!  While we do our best to test on a variety of devices, given the diversity of Android devices in the market, it is impossible to test on the literally thousands of different devices available worldwide.  However, Third Iron does test on some of the most popular devices including:
  • Google Nexus
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note
  • Amazon Kindle Fire HD
My Android device has a slot for an SD card which I use to expand the capacity of my device.  Does BrowZine take advantage of this?

Yes!  While BrowZine uses internal device storage for the app and some cache to help the app run smoothly, if you use the "Save Article" feature in BrowZine, this is automatically saved to your external SD card so that you don't fill up your precious internal memory on your device.  While most PDFs are fairly small, if you have hundreds of them saved, this can really start to make a difference so utilizing this external storage can be very helpful!  Of course, if you do not have this feature or an SD card installed, BrowZine will save to your internal memory instead.

Android for tablets was released about a year after iPad.  Does it support all the features that the iPad version has?

Yes! It does!

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