Overview of the BrowZine Pairing Service (iOS & Android)

What is the BrowZine Pairing Service?

Most institutions provide remote access to their resources through methods compatible with BrowZine such as via Proxy Server or VPN service.  However, other types of authentication may be incompatible or the library may simply not permit remote access.  For these libraries we offer the optional BrowZine Pairing Service which allows your patrons to "pair" their mobile device running BrowZine to a hosted proxy server run by Third Iron.  This pairing methodology works very similarly to what a number of publishers do to enable remote access to their content.

So how does it work?

Third Iron will require a subscribing library to register a particular IP address with their publishers to enable IP access to this new hosted proxy address.  Third Iron takes care of all the maintenance and setup of this server, so there is no IT involvement from the side of the library.

Once your account is live, patrons will be able to download BrowZine for free from the iTunes, Google Play and Amazon app stores, select your library's account and then verify their access to your library by accessing BrowZine via your IP range in order to trigger a pairing for 90 days.  After 90 days, access will terminate and the user will be prompted to access BrowZine again from within the IP range to trigger another 90 day pairing.  However, as long as the user is accessing BrowZine occasionally from campus WITHIN that 90 day window, they will continually "renew" the pairing providing seamless hassle-free access to your journals!

What if my institution doesn't permit access from personal devices to our network's wi-fi?

For situations like this, we have a second option which allows people to renew their pairing via email. Users can request that an email be sent to the address associated with their account. By clicking the link contained in that email from a computer or device on the on-site network, the pairing for their personal device will be renewed.

Here is a video showing both types of pairing methods in action!

Do you have a printed hand out we can give to our users to help get them setup?

Yes!  We have both a PDF version suitable for printing.

I contacted a publisher to register the unique IP but they say this IP belongs to "Amazon.com".  Is that correct?

Yes, that's correct!  The BrowZine Pairing Service uses state-of-the-art cloud-based technology to deliver fantastic performance and reliability for minimal cost.  Third Iron contracts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to produce the infrastructure for the Pairing Service using a technology known as Elastic IP.  Thus, while the IP's are owned by Amazon, Third Iron has a permanent lease on these and have assigned the IP we give out *only* to your institution.  Except for the cloud-hosted component, this setup is no different than other companies such as OCLC and Ex Libris (among others) who also provide hosted proxy servers for library customers.  If a publisher has a question about this arrangement, they are free to contact us at support@thirdiron.com and we would be happy to assist further!

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