BrowZine Marketing Widget - Integration Issues and FAQ

Integrating the BrowZine Marketing Widget with LibGuides: No matter what I do, the widget does not appear!

If this is happening on your site, it is possible that you are using code to create an expandable/collapsible subject menu on your LibGuides homepage (see for more information).

To create that menu, LibGuides provides their users with code to paste into the LibGuides "Look & Feel Settings" and one line of that code seems to cause a conflict with the BrowZine Widget:


To remedy this, you can comment out that line by adding // to the beginning - this will have no effect on the menu in LibGuides but will allow the BrowZine Widget to function as intended.

If you have further issues with the LibGuides Widget, please contact us at

Integrating BrowZine Marketing Widget with TDNet or Ovid Discovery: I am unable to save the widget source code.

TDNet / Ovid Discovery don't allow admins to add javascript to the TDNet/Ovid Discovery widgets directly. Instead, you will need to send the widget code to TDNet/Ovid Discovery support and they will create the widget for you in your admin portal. Once added, you will then be able to move the widget into place.

You may request to have this added by sending the complete custom widget code to

Integrating the BrowZine Marketing Widget with Wordpress or other system that causes jQuery conflicts

The marketing widget relies on jQuery in order to work properly. Some systems block javascript entirely, while others encounter conflicts between the jQuery version being used on the website and the widget. In these cases, nothing appears after saving the widget code to the page.

In cases where the widget is incompatible with your CMS, please try the iFrame Workaround method.

Displaying two or more widgets per page

The current version of the widget only allows one widget to be displayed on a single web page. We understand that there is sometimes a desire to display multiple widgets on each page, such as multiple subject-specific widgets.

The only way to circumvent the one-per-page limitation, libraries may use the Widget iFrame Workaround to display as many widgets as they choose.

Customizing the Widget Design

The widget enables customization of the text and primary color scheme only. Sometimes libraries wish to fully customize the look of the BrowZine marketing widget. We have developed a "white label" version of the widget, which displays only the cover image and title. The cover image still links to that journal within your BrowZine library. Libraries may then add their own content around the image/title information.

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