Can I use BrowZine with more than one library? (iOS, Android & Web)

I belong to and have credentials for more than one BrowZine-Enabled Library.  Can I use BrowZine with multiple libraries?
Yes!  To do this, simply go to the SETTINGS area in BrowZine and tap on the "Change Library" button.  You will then be taken back to the "Choose Your Library" screen in BrowZine.  Simply select the library you would like to access and login!

Will this delete what is on My Bookshelf and in Saved Articles?
No.  However, if the library you are NOW accessing does not have permission to access a journal you added in your PREVIOUS library, that title may appear to be "greyed out" as seen below:

If you try to tap on this journal it will note that this journal is "not longer available from this library".  However, if you go back to the library using the same change library procedure noted above this title will then be accessible because it is a title held by that library.

Your saved articles will remain accessible REGARDLESS of what library you saved them from and what library you are currently using.

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