How to Edit CSV files without corrupting the ISSN values in Excel

Most of our customers never have to edit their holdings files at all, but sometimes local needs require some editing or evaluation of these files.  Unfortunately, when .csv files are opened up in Excel directly Excel automatically assigns all fields to type "general" which tries to make determinations of the contents of the cells and formats them appropriately.  Because ISSN's can look something like this: 0001-1942 this gets interpreted by Excel as a date and displayed as Jan-42.  When this file is saved again as CSV the "0001-1942" is lost and instead the Jan-42 is printed to the file.  When this file is then sent to Third Iron to use in BrowZine (or re-uploaded for other library purposes into other systems) this can wreck havoc on parsing engines that are expecting 8 digit ISSN's.

In this short video, we explain the proper way to import a csv file into Excel for editing and how to save it, without corrupting these values.

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