Mendeley Sync used to work, but now does not

In January of 2016, Mendeley released an update to their web service requiring users to "update their password".  This update is not seamlessly supported by the available Mendeley API, resulting in an experience in BrowZine where after trying to send to Mendeley, the paper never arrives at the Mendeley service.

This change by Mendeley broke the API connnection between BrowZine and Mendeley, requiring you to do the following short procedure to resolve the situation:

1) Visit to sign into Mendeley.  If you are experiencing the problem described above, Mendeley will likely ask you to "update your password".  Please do so and confirm that you can then successfully log into Mendeley.

2) In BrowZine, visit the SETTINGS tab in BrowZine and look for the tab marked "Citation Services".

3) Select this option and you should see an option to "Forget Mendeley Login".  This will force BrowZine to forget your previous Mendeley login and password.

4) Return to an article you would like to send to Mendeley within BrowZine and choose Mendeley as the export option.  Since you followed the procedure above to "forget" the Mendeley login, you will be asked to login into Mendeley again to re-establish the link between BrowZine and your Mendeley account.

5) After entering your credentials for your Mendeley account when prompted you should see, after a short time, a confirmation that the paper you are viewing was successfully sent to Mendeley.  Now, just as before, all subsequent papers can be uploaded with a single tap!

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