How to integrate BrowZine with Summon

A number of libraries who utilize Summon for searching their collection want to provide a direct link to BrowZine  as they would rather direct users to BrowZine rather than Serials Solutions Journal A-Z list.  This can be easily done using the Serials Solutions Client Center tools.

The goal of this tutorial is to allow you to modify the
Main Menu area which from the public view appears in the top right hand corner of every page of the Summon interface and will look something like this:

The exact look of this will be based on the options you presently have selected.  What some libraries have done is utilize the ability to add a "Custom Link" to this header and label it "Browse eJournals" or just "eJournals" and have this link back to BrowZine.  It will then appear as shown above.

To do this, log into your Client Center and then navigate to the section entitled "Summon" and then "Administration Console".

The first admin screen is titled "Settings" and this is the one with the option you want.
Scroll down this page to the section with the heading "Custom Link" and set it up as shown:

Here you will want to specify your library's BrowZine Library ID where it says "XXXX" above if you are unsure of your library's ID, simply contact us at for assistance.  Then, in the text area call it "Browse eJournals" or something similar to make it clear to your users what to expect when they click this link.

You could even add an image here and you might consider adding one from our press pack of images which you can download here.

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