BrowZine Pairing Service Troubleshooting

How do I pair my Device?

This video walkthrough shows all options about how to pair your device:

I am seeing the I have zero days left in my pairing and when I try to download articles I get an "Authentication HTTP Proxy" Error.  How can I fix this?

If you are seeing in the SETTINGS area that you have zero days:

and when you try to access full text you get an error similar to this for any article you select:

then it is very likely that you need to repair your device.  This error message is a temporary bug that will be resolved in a future release of the BrowZine App and we apologize for this confusion!

The Pairing Service lasts for 90 days before it needs to be re-paired with your institution.

To resolve this now, you need to do the following steps:

1) Go to the SETTINGS tab.
2) Tap the area next to "BrowZine Account" which has your email listed.
3) BrowZine will confirm that you want to log out of your BrowZine Account.
4) As soon as you do this, BrowZine will prompt you to log back in because an active BrowZine Account is required for BrowZine Pairing Service enabled libraries
5) Log back in and you should see the number of days left for pairing increase back to 89 (90 full days which immediately begins ticking down to 89).

For a more visual walkthrough, please see the below video which walks through these instructions:

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