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  1. "Home Grown" A-Z system or no system at all! (Automatic Sync and Manual Upload)

  2. "This issue contains no full text" - why is that? (iOS, Android & Web)

  3. About Accounts in BrowZine

  4. About My Articles

  5. About the BrowZine Taxonomy

  6. Abstract Availability in BrowZine (All Platforms)

  7. Alma (One-time manual export) - LEGACY METHOD

  8. Alma (Partially Automated or Fully Automated FTP Upload) - LEGACY METHOD

  9. Alma Publishing Profile (Fully Automated, Multicampus and Consortia)

  10. Alma Publishing Profile (Fully Automated, Single Institution)

  11. Alma Publishing Profile FAQ

  12. Are links in BrowZine Web durable? (Web)

  13. Automatic Login vs. Manual Authentication

  14. BrowZine and OpenAthens Overview

  15. BrowZine API Functionality

  16. BrowZine Badges for Publisher Websites

  17. BrowZine for Android FAQ

  18. BrowZine for iPad & iPhone FAQ

  19. BrowZine Marketing Widget - iFrame Workaround

  20. BrowZine Marketing Widget - Integration Issues and FAQ

  21. BrowZine Marketing Widget - Whitelabel Edition

  22. BrowZine Pairing Service Troubleshooting

  23. BrowZine Web & LibKey Accessibility

  24. Can I use BrowZine with more than one library? (iOS, Android & Web)

  25. Creating a drop-down menu with BrowZine Durable URL's in HTML

  26. Determining your ProQuest ID

  27. Do I need an Apple ID to download BrowZine from the iTunes Store? (iOS)

  28. Do you support publish-ahead-of-print content? (iOS, Android & Web)

  29. Does BrowZine support VPN? (iOS, Android & Web)

  30. EBSCO Full Text Finder (Automatic Sync and Manual Upload)

  31. Extended A-Z BrowZine Web Search to cover all Library Titles

  32. EZB (Instructions in English)

  33. EZProxy Configuration Instructions

  34. EZProxy: Proxy by port or Proxy by Domain?

  35. Finding your OpenAthens Redirector URL

  36. Getting Started with your Trial / Subscription (iOS, Android & Web)

  37. Gold Rush (Automatic Sync)

  38. How do I add a BrowZine's journal title/ISSN search box to my OpenAthens home page?

  39. How do I delete Saved Articles? (iOS & Android)

  40. How do I download BrowZine? (iOS & Android)

  41. How do I integrate BrowZine's journal title/ISSN lookup into my library webpage?

  42. How do I move journals on my bookshelf in BrowZine Web?

  43. How does authentication work with the BrowZine app? (iOS & Android)

  44. How many titles can I store on My Bookshelf? (iOS & Android)

  45. How to Edit CSV files without corrupting the ISSN values in Excel

  46. How To Find Your Primo Link Resolver Base URL

  47. How To Include Print Titles In BrowZine (Web Only)

  48. How to integrate BrowZine with Summon

  49. How to integrate BrowZine within EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS)

  50. How to integrate BrowZine within OCLC WorldCat Discovery

  51. How to integrate BrowZine within Primo

  52. I don't see my library listed - I could only access the Open Access Library

  53. Inter-Library Loan / Link Resolvers and BrowZine (All Platforms)

  54. Introduction to BrowZine for Publishers

  55. LibGuide Integrations

  56. LibKey FAQ for Publishers

  57. LibKey Link - One click to PDF in PubMed!

  58. LibKey Nomad for IT Professionals

  59. LibKey Nomad Technical FAQ

  60. LibKey-EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Troubleshooting

  61. List of Domains to Whitelist for BrowZine and LibKey Operation

  62. Mendeley Sync used to work, but now does not

  63. My Bookshelf and BrowZine Account FAQ

  64. My Institutional Username and Password don't work!

  65. OCLC WorldCat (Automatic Sync and Manual Upload)

  66. OpenAthens FAQ

  67. Overview of the BrowZine Pairing Service (iOS & Android)

  68. OVID Discovery Service (Automatic Sync)

  69. Performing a "Cold Start" of BrowZine (iOS)

  70. Performing a "Cold Start" of BrowZine on Android

  71. ProQuest Intota (Automatic Sync)

  72. Proxy Auto-Configuration (PAC) file Configuration Instructions

  73. Proxy Configuration Instructions

  74. Publisher EZProxy Definitions and Common Issues

  75. Publishers Supported by LibKey Direct To PDF linking

  76. RefWorks and BrowZine (iOS & Android)

  77. Registering for BrowZine Account with a Hotmail Address

  78. Serials Solutions 360 (Automatic Sync and Manual Upload)

  79. SFX (Cloud Hosted Manual Upload)

  80. SFX Self-Hosted (Automatic Sync)

  81. Shibboleth FAQ

  82. TDNet (Automatic Sync)

  83. Third Iron Privacy Policy

  84. trueserials/CUFTS (Automatic Sync)

  85. Tutorial 1: Staying Current with BrowZine

  86. Tutorial 2: Discover New Journals with BrowZine

  87. WAM Proxy Configuration Instructions

  88. We don't use Outside Tool (otool) - how can I use LibKey Link?

  89. What are the requirements to include a journal in BrowZine?

  90. What is a Proxy Server and how does it work?

  91. What is my Link Resolver PubMed URL

  92. What Proxy Servers do you Support?

  93. What publishers do you support?

  94. What web browsers does support? (Web)

  95. WT Cox Journal Finder (Automatic Sync and Manual Upload)

  96. Your Institution Logo in BrowZine

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