Enhance LibKey Nomad for selected publications without DOIs

Posted almost 2 years ago by John Seguin

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John Seguin Admin

Our library licenses content from Harvard Business Review through EBSCO Business Source Corporate. I don't think HBR offers any other form of institutional access. Our users often try to read articles on the HBR web site, where they are stopped by a paywall. They don't know how (or don't want to take the trouble) to reach the article through EBSCO. HBR articles don't have DOIs, but perhaps LibKey Nomad could still provide a link to the article in EBSCO -- or even to a link resolver. I think this is feasible because both HBR and EBSCO have consistent, methodical article URLs.

This approach might also be suitable for some other prominent publications that don't use DOIs, but still have identifiable information in their URLs or HTML text.

Edit: I just noticed this very similar, but more general, suggestion: https://support.thirdiron.com/forums/924295-libkey-nomad-features/suggestions/41713591-add-suggested-links-for-newspapers-and-other-web-s

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