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Posted over 1 year ago by John Seguin

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John Seguin Admin

Toggle for display "All" vs "Unread Only".

Some journals in BrowZine do not have adequate metadata to put articles in page number order (or they may not have page numbers to begin with!) and so are filed in alphabetical order. For continuously-published titles this means that unread articles may appear in a seemingly random order.

There is also a scenario where page number/article ID is present but because of a title being continuously published, the new articles appear at the BOTTOM of a potentially very long table of contents making it cumbersome to scroll all the way to the bottom each time to see what is new.

Additionally, for frequently published titles, unread articles may be present in multiple issues by the time the user has a change to check on the title.

To improve all of these situations, create a new feature where a user can choose to view all "unread articles" for the entire journal in a single continuous list. Once read (either by tapping/clicking the blue unread notification circle or by reading the article) the article will be removed from this list.

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