Change system message when there's no match for a title or the title has no ISSN

Posted almost 2 years ago by John Seguin

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John Seguin Admin

If I search for a title in any of these categories

  • Not included in our BrowZine instance
  • Not included in our OCLC A-Z list
  • Does not have an ISSN

I receive this message:

"No matches for <title>. Title may not be BrowZine enabled at this time, but still available at your library. Please click here to search for your title again at your library."

I would like for it to read:

"No matches for <title>. Please click here to search for the title in your library's journals list."

Please either change the message globally or allow customization of each instance's message.

Giving users the option to "search for your title again at your library", per the current message, implies that it will repeat the same search that was already done (i.e. in BrowZine) instead of indicating that it will search a different knowledge base (i.e., in our case, OCLC's A-Z list.)

Changing the wording would make it clearer to our patrons what repeating the search actually means.

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