In addition to BrowZine search results, include further option "None of these? Search your library catalogue"

Posted almost 2 years ago by John Seguin

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John Seguin Admin

If a user performs a search in BrowZine and BrowZine finds no results, the user will be presented with a link saying 'No matches for “XXXXX”. Title may not be BrowZine enabled at this time, but still available at your library. Please click here to search for your title again at your library.'

This option to search in your library holdings this option is only presented if BrowZine finds NO matches to the search. If BrowZine finds any matches - either in journals supported by BrowZine, or journals not supported by BrowZine - then the only options are those presented in BrowZine's search results, and the user has no other options.

Where BrowZine does return results, it would be helpful if a further link could be displaying saying "None of these? Search your library catalogue" so that if none of the BrowZine results were exactly what the user was looking for, they could also repeat the search in the catalogue.

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