Add link to See All in the banner text for journals without full-text to the present day

Posted over 1 year ago by John Seguin

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John Seguin Admin

We have holdings for titles in alternative databases that are not reflected as the best version in the BrowZine interface and are excluded from displaying to our patrons, as the default interface uses the publisher version rather than the database.

We would like to update the "No Full Text available after [date]. Please click an article to explore additional access options" text to read, "No Full Text available after [date.] See All of your library's holdings" and include a link to the See All URL on the left-hand side. That link is easily missed by novice users.

We believe that this would encourage our patrons to continue seeking what we actually hold, versus checking the publisher site and submitting an interlibrary loan request for articles that are already available through an alternative database. It would also help give our patrons confidence that the content they need might already be available, if they just knew where to look.

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