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Posted over 1 year ago by John Seguin

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(Originally posted by Babb, Nancy)

Nomad is terrific at guiding our researchers away from paywalls on the web back to our subscribed campus resources. But what about those resources that sadly lack DOI's, such as newspapers? It would be great if we could identify the URLs for selected news (and related) websites and integrate some kind of popup into Nomad that would alert the user to the availability of the resource within our campus subscriptions. For example, if a user browsed to, Nomad might offer, "Looking for library access to the New York Times? Try <link>Factiva</link>" This would likely have to happen at the title/URL level rather than for individual articles, and might be best set manually by the campus rather than systematically -- but anything we could do to save our researchers from those paywalls would be wonderful. And since our researchers already rely on Nomad for journal articles, they would likely understand and respond well to added functionality within Nomad rather than some other browser plugin (if such were even available).

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