Sharing Domain Message Examples?

Posted 5 months ago by Jim Darlack

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Jim Darlack

I would love to see how other libraries are using Domain Messaging in LibKey Nomad++. Could Third Iron allow libraries to share examples or lists of Domain Messaging Rules?

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Nancy Babb posted 4 months ago

Would it work to simply reply and share within the comments to a post? I'm not sure if that was an intended purpose for comments, but I'd look there, I think.

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John Seguin posted 4 months ago Admin

Thanks Jim - we're working on an idea around this.  More soon!

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Jim Darlack posted 5 months ago

It could be as simple as having an open support thread (or categories of threads) where libraries could respond with ideas, or it could be as complex as creating some kind of wiki.

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John Seguin posted 5 months ago Admin

HI Jim!  Interesting idea.  Through what mechanism would you think it most useful to share these rules?  All ideas welcome!

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