Special Access Instructions (e.g. Newspapers, Popular Websites, etc.)

Posted about 2 months ago by Maria Ziemer

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Maria Ziemer Admin

Far and away one of the most common rules we help libraries configure are special instructions for users providing guidance on how to access resources like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist, Harvard Business Review, and countless others. Many libraries provide access to these resources through special licensing arrangements or databases, but users who navigate directly to the public website may not realize they have access through the library. Use LibKey Nomad++ to add special instructions and a custom link, directing users to the library's access for those resources.

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Maria Ziemer posted 2 days ago Admin

Lacey, this is a good question, and while I can't speak to the user feedback on whether or not it is confusing for the message to appear even when they are signed in to Academic Pass, it is possible for users to close/dismiss the message. We've also just released an update that makes it possible to restrict messages to URLs (as opposed to entire domains) and supports exact matching. For example, you could restrict the messaging to the NYTimes homepage but not have it display on subpages. I would be interested to hear others' feedback on this, as well.

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Lacey.mamak posted 7 days ago

I agree this is a great use case, and I've implemented on WashingtonPost.com, since we only have access to that content in the ProQuest database. I used a link button to direct to the Washington Post page in ProQuest (see screenshot). 

I have a question for Nancy or others -- how do you handle the places like NYTimes.com, where you have an Academic Pass subscription to the website and users need to register for individual accounts?  There's no way to only show a custom message to unauthenticated folks. Even folks who have an active pass and are signed in to NYTimes.com will still be shown the custom message urging them to sign up for a pass. Has this been confusing/annoying for your users who already have these accounts?

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Nancy Babb posted about 2 months ago

We are using Nomad++ custom messages to alert users to our Academic Pass subscriptions to newspapers like NYT and WSJ. Since these resources require users to register for individual accounts, the normal access routes aren't applicable (IP, Proxy, institutional login).

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