SFX (Cloud Hosted Manual Upload)

Modified on Wed, 6 Sep, 2023 at 1:07 PM

Subscriptions are setup by using actual library holdings.  Third Iron recommends updating these holdings on a quarterly basis or whenever you have a known significant addition/loss of content to your library to help keep your holdings accurate.  Updating your holdings typically takes less than five minutes.

For SFX from Ex Libris the procedure is simply to use the Export Tool in the administration area and select Advanced Export Queries with the following options as seen in the screenshot below:

1. Output format: TXT

2. Object types: Serials only

3. (blank)

4. getFullTxt checked.

5. Export ALL targets

This may take a little while to generate. 

Please ZIP the file to reduce its size.  As these are text files they tend to shrink pretty dramatically with compression easily clearing the 30MB maximum upload file size.

When finished, please visit the holdings upload page (http://thirdiron.com/upload/) to upload your holdings document to us.  

We will notify you when your holdings have been loaded for your library.