How to add LibKey Link to several popular databases

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LibKey Link can be used anywhere you are currently using your Link Resolver to connect users from results in a database to the full text collections of your library. This guide below is designed to save you time by pointing out the method to update your link resolver base URL in several popular services you may be using already at your library.

In all examples below you will want to have your LibKey Link fully configured first by filling out this form.  Once configured and tested, the Third Iron Ops team will get back to you with your LibKey Link for all databases.  This link will appear in two forms:

LibKey Link OpenURL format (for all databases except for PubMed):{LibraryID}/openurl
And a PubMed specific link syntax:
***IMPORTANT*** = In filling out the above LibKey Link configuration form (or the initial Trial Request Form), if prompted, you must have completed the PubMed linking information for the below to work. If incomplete, Third Iron Support presumes you do not intend to use this variant of the LibKey syntax.{LibraryID}/pmid/
Don’t see instructions for the resource you’re looking for listed below?

Try logging into the vendor’s administrator panel, locate your link resolver, and replace it with your LibKey Link URL. If you do not have access to administrator’s panel, we suggest emailing that vendor’s customer service with the request to update your link resolver base URL to your LibKey Link URL.

Specific Guides for Common Databases:

Does LibKey Link work with every database?

LibKey Link works via link resolver settings by parsing an identifier such as a DOI or a PubMed ID from the metadata sent via open URL. Some platforms, such as a Gale and Project Muse, do not include identifier metadata in their outbound Open URL links and therefore LibKey will reroute any links from these platforms via the library's traditional link resolver. In other words, LibKey cannot improve the linking experience from these platforms due to limitations with the platform's metadata, but if placed into these platforms it will 100% of the time route the user back to your link resolver.

Library Branding or LibKey Branding?

Most libraries will likely choose to continue to use a custom graphic designed by your library that users are familiar with in databases that allow for a custom logo for your link resolver link.  However, some libraries who may not have custom logo - or who just like ours! - are welcome to hotlink our button in either: