About Article Retractions

Modified on Fri, 30 Sep, 2022 at 9:46 AM

Article retraction data is furnished by RetractionWatch.com who tracks, classifies and reports on scholarly article retractions.

Depending on the article you can expect to see one or more of the following additional elements on a retracted article:

Official Retraction Notice(s) - Link(s) to the publisher where you can see the publisher's statement about the article being retracted and potentially some more information about the retraction.

Retraction Watch Related Article(s) - Link(s) to article on the RetractionWatch.com website where additional context is provided about this particular retraction or authors/publications/publishers related to it.

Reason for Retraction from Retraction Watch - Reason(s) noted by the Retraction Watch team why an article was retracted. Not all retractions are "bad" — some are data mistakes brought by the authors requesting a publisher to retract their article so that others do not utilize the paper in their own work when it is faulty. Others however note fraudulent data, fake peer review, plagiarism and more!

Retractions appear throughout the BrowZine and LibKey ecosystem in various ways, bringing to light at the linking stage of a user's journey when an article that may be of interest has been retracted and why.