LibKey Link in OVID

Modified on Fri, 30 Sep, 2022 at 9:50 AM

1. Log into the Links Admin tool and select group.

2. Select from the drop down list "All Link Types" External Link Resolver

OR in the Find Link Target box type LibKey and click Go button.

3. Click the Copy Within Group icon to copy the target, LibKey Link COPY EXAMPLE.

4. Revise the Link Target Name under the GENERAL SETTINGS tab and click the Save Changes button.

5. Under SITE DETAILS tab, click the hotlinked Link URL Template.

6. Revise the baseline URL -[Third_Iron_Library_ID]/openurl? - by replacing the [Third_Iron_Library_ID] with the library's Third Iron Library ID number to create the custom URL.

7. Click Save Changes button.

8. Select the Browse Link Targets link.

9. Activate your new link target by checking the box next to LibKey Link.

10. Click the Logoff link and log out of the Links Admin tool.

11. Test your new target.