Known issue: LibKey links leading to a 400 error page for Alma/Primo libraries

Modified on Wed, 5 Jun at 12:46 AM


Due to recent updates in Alma, the ExLibris OpenURL parser's parameters are now case sensitive: id=doiID=doi

As a result, the openURL links being passed to Alma cannot have two parameters that are the same or else an error like this example may appear:

This appears to occur specifically in cases specifically where:

  1. LibKey Link cannot build a link to the resource and instead falls back to Primo for access options, and
  2. the openURL query has more than one identically-named parameter

The issue has been reported as coming from EBSCOhost/EDS and OCLC LinkSource, although other systems may be affected as well.

Status for LibKey Link in ESBCO:

We've already contacted EBSCO about making the necessary changes to the LibKey Link templates on behalf of our mutual customers, so no action needs to be taken.

For an immediate resolution, you may also log into EBSCO Experience Manager or the Admin Portal to locate the LibKey openURL Link in Custom Links, and then modify the "Query String" template syntax as follows: 

Look for the part that says:
  • &id=doi:{DOI}
And change it to instead be one of these options:
  • &doi={DOI}
  • &ID=doi:{DOI}

Workaround solution for other vendors/platforms: 

As a test to see if this issue is affecting your library, check one of the LibKey links for two parameters with identical names. If so, try updating the openURL query to rename or remove one of the duplicate parameters. When renaming, try changing one to use only uppercase characters.

Example openURL syntax:


If it resolves, then an update to those parameters may be needed within the openURL template within the affected system.