BrowZine My Bookshelf FAQ

Modified on Fri, 30 Sep 2022 at 09:55 AM

What is My Bookshelf?

My Bookshelf is the area within BrowZine where you can organize your favorite journals so the current issue is one click or tap away and BrowZine can help you stay up to date in your field!  Choose the "Add to My Bookshelf" button when viewing a journal to add that title to My Bookshelf.  You can then organize your bookshelf by moving the journals between multiple "shelves" and "bookcases" as well as renaming the shelves and bookcases to whatever you'd like!  Then, when you login on any device, this configuration will automatically sync to that device and display red bubbles indicating when you have new articles available in that journal.

How many titles can I store on My Bookshelf? 

You can store up to 64 journals on My Bookshelf - 16 in each of the four shelves available.

How do I see My Bookshelf and/or add titles to My Bookshelf?

On the web you need to first login to your BrowZine Account to either see or edit My Bookshelf.  To do this, simply click on the link for "My Bookshelf" in the menu bar and you will see a login link.  If you do not see "My Bookshelf" as an option, then your library has not yet subscribed to this feature on the web.  If you are interested in adding this, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

Then, when you navigate to a title, you will see a new option available to you to add the title to My Bookshelf.

Once you click this button the title will be added to the next available open slot on My Bookshelf.

How do I move journals around on My Bookshelf?

To move a journal on your bookshelf in BrowZine Web, hover your cursor over the journal's cover image until a small icon appears in the top-right corner:

Clicking this should open several options — choose "Move...":

After you choose the "Move..." option, grey boxes will appear showing you potential places you can move the journal to. 

Clicking one of these grey boxes moves the journal to that location. You can also click a different bookcase from the menu on the left and should see the same grey boxes shown on the new shelves.

You can also see a brief demo of moving a journal in one of our demonstration videos.