Third Iron Admin Portal Overview

Modified on Thu, 30 Nov 2023 at 01:35 PM

The Third Iron Admin Portal is designed for librarians to administer LibKey Nomad++ and, in the future, be the home of additional self-administration features for other Third Iron products.  You can access this portal when launched (in December 2023) at

The admin portal is intended for librarian administrators only.  The Email and Password this portal is looking for is a specially designated Account that the Third Iron team provides either by:

  • Promoting an existing BrowZine account Email/Password
  • Creating a brand new Account (which also doubles as a BrowZine Account)

Access to the Admin Portal will not work without this "promotion" of permissions being done by the Third Iron team for security reasons.

If you believe your account should have access but does not, please contact us at  A password reset is available using the "Forgot?" link at the admin portal login.

Once you access the portal, you will be able to select your organization(s) which you have admin access to view and edit.  In many cases this will be a single account, but the ability to see multiple accounts (such as in a consortia situation) is possible here so that multiple logins are not needed to make changes.

After selecting your account and your product (LibKey Nomad++ in the above example) you then select which module you want to edit (Domain Messaging in the above).

While you are working be sure to look for the green "SAVE" button on any individual module element as that means that you made changes and you'll want to click that before switching modules to commit your changes.  You'll see when you do that it will switch to "SAVED" (as shown in the above illustration) to confirm that these changes have been saved.

Changes made specifically for Nomad++ take effect instantly for the machine you are working on *if* you click on the "Force Update of LibKey Nomad Configuration" within the Nomad Admin console in your browser.  Otherwise, changes will take effect within one hour for you *AND* all your users automatically.