Nomad++ Citation Export Module

Modified on Wed, 22 May 2024 at 09:43 AM

LibKey Nomad++ includes a module to offer a citation export functionality directly from LibKey Nomad. When LibKey Nomad detects an article on the page in additional to a link to full text it will offer an option to export the article's citation data to one of a variety of different citation management services:

On sites like PubMed and Wikipedia where LibKey Nomad appears on multiple results the citation function will appear next to that smaller Nomad button on individual articles:

Under the Citation Services module in the Third Iron Admin Portal you can find toggle options to enable or disable specific citation export services. You can curate the services offered to match the ones your organization supports and promotes:

If you would prefer not to use the Citation Services module you can disable all the listed services to hide it completely.

Citation Export FAQs

What citation services does LibKey Nomad++ support?

We are using the same set of citation export options we have offered in our BrowZine service for many years: Zotero, Mendeley, BibTeX, RefWorks, EndNote RIS, Citavi RIS and Universal RIS. We believe these cover the most commonly used citation management services in most libraries/organizations. Want us to consider adding an additional service? Reach out to our support team and we'll take a look!

Does LibKey Nomad++ use oAuth to send citation data to the service directly? Or does it generate a file?

This varies depending on the service used. RefWorks, Mendeley and Zotero are handled via oAuth. When first attempting to export an article from LibKey Nomad++ users will be prompted to login to their citation service account and give Third Iron access to it. After this initial setup any citations sent from LibKey Nomad++ will be automatically exported to the user's account with no further steps needed.

The other services available work from a file export. LibKey Nomad++ will generate a formatted citation file which can be imported into the service by the user.

Does LibKey Nomad++ generate citations for ebooks or only journal articles?

Currently LibKey Nomad++ can only generate citations for articles but we hope to add support for ebook citations in the future.