LibKey Nomad++ Release Notes

Modified on Sat, 29 Jun at 7:10 AM

This living document is intended to keep users up to date with new features and functionality changes in releases of Nomad++.  For any questions, please contact us at

Coming Soon:

- Updated message dismissal UI for better accessibility and visibility

- Analytics for Nomad++ functions

June 2024

- Authentication Link added as a new link type for domain messaging and algorithm to improve the way Nomad++ determines that a user is authenticated to a domain was enhanced.  Details on how both these new features work detailed in this support document.

- Enhanced the Design Studio admin module to allow library administrators to change the color of not only the bubble/message in general but also the call to action button shown when using a Link of any type (default is green).  Also added the ability to change the contrasting text color for this button.  Finally, added the ability to adjust the custom Logo vertical alignment to better showcase logos that did not look very good with the default vertical offset (typically horizontal logos).

May 2024

- Added chat support for Library H3lp

- Added ability to limit visibility of individual citation services (rather than just turn on/off the citation services feature)

- Updated Options menu in the Nomad extension to include an option to manually reset all dismissed messages (helpful for demo situations where you don't want to wait the entire 24 hours but would rather the message come right back to that domain).

- Added tooltips to a number of different elements in Nomad++ for clarity of function

- Nomad++ now supports HAN proxies

April 20224 

- Domain Matching enhanced to allow for both URL path matching as well as an option to "Exact Match" a URL (no wildcarding to expand beyond what is provided by the administrator)

January 2024 

- Official Release of Nomad++