Nomad++ Design Studio Module

Modified on Wed, 17 Jan 2024 at 04:02 PM

The design studio module provides the opportunity for a library admin to customize the look of the messages and buttons that Nomad uses.  There are three sections that are independent of one another and none, some or all of these may be used to achieve the result you would like.  You can turn on or off these sections (and thus reveal them) by checking the box next to each section.  

The Custom Logo section will allow you to provide custom branding via your own logo for use in LibKey Nomad.  This logo will NOT affect the logo you currently are using in other Third Iron products like LibKey Link and BrowZine.


Two of the three are activated here and the custom color has been selected.  No custom logo has been uploaded:

Whenever you make a change the grey SAVED button changes to the green SAVE button (as shown in the illustration above) and in real-time the "Preview" button example updates to reflect the choices you have made.  Until you click "SAVE" the updates will not be seen by users.  This gives you an opportunity to compare to what you had previously and what you have now. 

To adjust the color you can use the sliders or key in a HEX value manually.

You can drag and drop images onto the dashed box which will automatically be converted and sized to fit.

Logo Image Best Practice:

It is recommended to use an image that is a smaller size (< 300px square) but the exact size will be resized by the system, in a common format (PNG, JPEG, GIF, etc.) and with a transparent background.  Additionally the dimensions should be square or portrait in orientation for best results.

WCAG Contrast compliance:

The "Use Black text Instead of White" option is there to provide flexibility to use a very light colored background color so that you can invert and use black text.  Only white (default) or black are available to help ensure maximum color contrast for WCAG compliance.  To most accurately ensure compliance we recommend checking your color choices with a tool such as this.