BrowZine Email Notifications

Modified on Mon, 19 Dec, 2022 at 8:44 AM

Feature Overview

Email notifications are a benefit for users who opt to create a free BrowZine Account.  BrowZine accounts are available for libraries who subscribe to Third Iron Complete.

While BrowZine has tracked new articles in journals saved to My Bookshelf, up until now users have had to open the BrowZine application in order to see if any new articles were available.  Email alerts both deliver a proactive alert and a summary of which journals have new articles available, similar to the example on the right.

The BrowZine alert will be sent to the email address used to create the BrowZine account.  Notifications can be configured to be received daily, weekly, or "off" to receive no email notifications.  The default is weekly.  If no new articles are added to followed journals within the selected time period, no email alert is sent.

With a weekly email notification, emails will be generated and sent out Monday morning Central US time.  The email alert journals which have added new articles within the last 7 days.  With a daily notification, the email is delivered each morning (Central US time) and is based in the morning and is based on the previous day's new article additions.

The email contains a "Read Now" button next to each journal title.  Clicking it takes users directly to that title, making it easy to stay up to date with current articles!

Notifications FAQ

Which articles figure into the notifications?

Articles included in notifications are those which have been assigned to an issue.  This specifically excludes "articles in press" as these articles are not always finalized and it avoids users receiving duplicate notifications (once as an article in press, again when it is published in an issue).  This covers both journals with a traditional publishing model (one issue at a time) as well as continuous publication styles where articles are added to an issue throughout the week/month/year.

How I change my notification settings?

Frequency of email notifications is easily changed by logging into a BrowZine account at, clicking on the settings "gear" icon in the top right corner, and then changing the toggle as shown here:

Preferences can also be updated within the Settings area of the iOS/Android/Amazon Fire apps.

What happens after I click on "Read Now" in the email?

Clicking on Read now will open up a unique link into BrowZine which will ensure that the correct organization is selected and the user has logged into his or her BrowZine Account.  If one regularly accesses BrowZine and the email alerts from the same browser, this will likely be a one-click process!

If BrowZine and the email alerts are accessed from a public computer, or from an infrequently used browser, it will be a simple two step process of identifying the correct institution:

then logging into a BrowZine account:

These two elements then are stored in the browser for future visits to BrowZine to minimize the number of clicks needed to go from email alert to the journal in BrowZine.  If the browser has stored one of the two elements shown above (either organizational affiliation or BrowZine Account) then you may only see one of the above two screens on this first login via a BrowZine Email Notification.

I have BrowZine on my iOS, Android or Amazon Fire device... will this email link into the apps?

No, the links will go to only which will render in a mobile optimized way on your mobile device with a similar look and feel as the mobile apps.

I have additional questions not answered above!

Feel free to reach out to our support desk at!